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MemberNation gives you the power of the world's #1 CRM, plus stellar customer support and guidance.

With MemberNation you get two products in one: Salesforce Customer Relationship Management software—celebrated by Forbes Magazine as the most innovative in the world— and flexible, intuitive Membership Management Software backed by first-class customer assistance.

Because it is hosted in the cloud, MemberNation can be accessed any time, anywhere, with any internet-connected device, and it is always up-to-date. By adopting MemberNation for your organization, you won't have to go through painful and costly upgrades ever again.

You don't need to know programming language either, or pay someone to modify the code for you. You can customize MemberNation's powerful features to your exact needs by selecting from a panel of options. It's easy and we show you how.

It's no wonder our customers rate MemberNation 4.9 out of 5 stars.

One Simple Price for all MemberNation Functionality

Here are a few of our most popular modules:

    • accounting


      Manage financial transactions effortlessly.

      MemberNation handles credits, debits and refunds and automatically creates journal entries. Easily export records to your accounting solution. Alternatively, integrate your AMS and accounting applications using robust Salesforce APIs
    • awards


      Reward your best members.

      Automate the process of recognizing top contributing members—from tracking nominations and voting to calculating award winners.
    • collaboration


      Boost information sharing and collaboration.

      Offer your members and your team the collaborative features of a state-of-the-art enterprise social network.
    • committtees


      Organize user groups around special interest projects.

      Adjust privacy settings to restrict content in part or in whole to members-only. Approve new members, organize group events or add a mission statement.
    • communities


      Energize and engage your community.

      Create collaborative member communities to enable members to easily collaborate and better engage with your organization. Publish customized forms, micro sites and more.
    • dashboards


      Build a 360-degree picture of your membership.

      Quickly create custom reports and dashboards. Simply drag and drop fields to generate all the reports that you need, without help from IT or Fonteva.
    • estores


      Generate additional revenue

      Integrated cart enables multiple purchases in a single transation. Register for an event, become a member and add other items to your cart with one click.
    • events


      Host any kind of event you can think of.

      Events made easy. Allow discounts for early registrants or elite members and swiftly process payments. Keep track of sponsors, speakers and all event tasks.
    • members


      Easily create and keep track of membership types.

      A wizard guides you through all options, from welcome gifts to renewal grace periods. Enhance member retention with our automated renewal feature.

Award-winning software supported by a world-class team

By choosing Fonteva, you don't just get the most innovative software to manage your association or charity, you also partner with a team consistently rated 4.9 out of 5 stars by its customers.

Our experience with over 4,000 projects has honed our implementation process to perfection and earned us the title "Top Five" ISV by Salesforce. As soon as your project is live, one of our outstanding Customer Success Managers is assigned to answer any questions you may have. In fact, when customers talk about the reasons why they love Fonteva, they invariably cite their CMS.

When it comes to member management software in the cloud, you won't find a more innovative solution or helpful team.

Salesforce AppExchange: Access Thousands of Business Apps

As a MemberNation customer, you have access to the Salesforce App Exchange.

The AppExchange is a Salesforce-hosted marketplace for approximately 2,500 cloud computing web applications built for the community. AppExchange has recorded over 2 million application downloads.

Approximately 50% of these applications are free, and the remainder are discounted for nonprofits.

We think MemberNation is awesome, but you don't need to take our word for it. Check out the Fonteva Apps & Reviews.

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Great Product...Better Support I think of the MemberNation team more as partners than just support!
Paul Davis
Mental Health Association of Oklahoma
No managed package is worth installing without top-notch customer service and development assistance.
Kylee Durant
Blue Star Families
The Fonteva staff are very responsive when questions arise and encourage our continuous feedback.
Lori Christianson
National Head Start Association
The MemberNation app is straightforward, EASY to use, and the CRM functionality made our choice a no-brainer.
Michele Liston
It is rare to find a vendor who partners with you to build your success.
Marilyn Nagel
The application is very well designed and is easy to use.
Tony Zorc
Accounting Seed
MemberNation was the perfect solution.
Maria Caldwell
National Association of State Boards of Accountancy
Moving to MemberNation is one of the best decisions we've made.
Michele Liston
Finally! A robust association management solution combined with the sales and CRM functionality we need. 
Claire Moore
International Carwash Association
MemberNation is a big leap ahead as an AMS compared to our previous system.
Aniket Gajare
The Wildlife Society
Finally - The association management tool we were looking for!
Maria Caldwell
National Association of State Boards of Accountancy
Great AMS Solution for those looking for a product to meet the needs of today's members!
Lori Christianson
National Head Start Association
Frequent and seamless updates to the app brings enhancements round the year.
Aniket Gajare
The Wildlife Society AMS that molds itself to your organization's needs, rather than having to mold the organization to the product.
Gabriel Rholl
National Head Start Association
I've seen a lot of AMS solutions in my 40+ years in this business- MemberNation is the best I have ever seen
Bruce Brownson
KnowWho, Inc.
Great Customer Service! 
Marci Zoretich
BC Association of Clinical Counsellors
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