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How Do You Define the Cloud?

Software Technology

I have spent a lot of time explaining how the cloud works to both customers and prospects. At Fonteva, we spend our days making true cloud software. I spend so much time talking about the cloud that it’s easy to take for granted that not everyone is well versed in the ways of the cloud.

Nearly every software vendor claims to have a “cloud” solution, but very few have a real cloud. They are just “cloud washing” their on-premise software as a hosted product. Don’t let clever marketing jargon deceive you.

A true cloud software solution:

  • Is available on-demand, on any device
  • Allows you to monitor your usage
  • Can be scaled to meet any need
  • Is multi-tenant

If your “cloud” software doesn’t meet all of these characteristics, you’re using a cloud impersonator, and even if it doesn’t seem like it – it’s costly to you.

We just published an eBook that will help you be able to tell the difference between a true cloud solution and a false cloud. The eBook goes into detail on each of the features I listed above, their benefits, and lists types of common cloud impersonators. I recommend reading a copy of “The Association Executive’s Guide to the Cloud” to learn everything you need to know about the cloud.

And if you want to talk about how a true cloud solution like Fonteva For Associations can help your organization, give me a call.