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Interview with Jake Fabbri on Recruiting with Next-Gen Association Software

July 30, 2018


Jake Fabbri, Fonteva’s Senior Vice President of Marketing, was interviewed by Blue Sky to discuss how marketing is changing, and how this affects associations’ recruitment of new members.

As technology continues to integrate with every part of our lives, leveraging marketing in this new digital environment becomes a unique endeavor. “Thanks to Amazon and others, members have a greater expectation of personal one-to-one interaction and service,” Jake says. There may be more mediums of communication – which are increasingly mobile – but that does not mean it is easier to get people’s attention. To overcome these challenges, marketers should focus on engagement on the social platforms where members spend more and more time. This is especially important as the demographic shifts towards millennials – who expect more personalized interaction and free content.

The best way to engage potential members is by leveraging a true-cloud solution, according to Jake. This kind of association software is highly accessible – on mobile devices and just about anything else. But when you couple a true-cloud solution with association software built on Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM, you get unparalleled flexibility and power which allows you to target specific members and prospects directly on websites or social media.

The best advice is to get a system using the #1 CRM in the world, and Fonteva is the leading association software platform built on it. Implementing the right software solution is a game changer for your marketing campaigns – whether they are large or small. Jake says, “No matter how small the effort or the campaign, it doesn’t have to be 100% perfect before you launch a campaign and test out an idea for engaging your members. Your systems should support this and enable your marketers to be more agile.”