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Using Salesforce Automation Tools with Fonteva Events

November 2, 2018

Marketing Salesforce

By Abby Hayes

As the sole Salesforce administrator for a national nonprofit, my primary goal is to make my users’ lives easier. That often means getting creative with Salesforce automation tools, so my users have the data they need to see exactly where they need to see it.

We installed Fonteva Events in early 2018. The implementation process went smoothly, but the events team, which was also new to Salesforce, had one big hang-up: quickly accessing pieces of custom attendee data. They needed a way to get an at-a-glance view of things like food allergies, hotel room preferences, and more without having to be experts in Salesforce. Fonteva’s customizable forms make it easy to ask attendees custom questions when they sign up for events. But getting this custom data into custom reports can be a chore for users who aren’t already comfortable with Salesforce reports.

To make life easier for my users, I put on my problem-solving hat and got to work. Several days and loads of tests later, we had our solution – thanks to Salesforce’s automation tools. We use Process Builder and Visual Flow to transfer form responses right to the attendee record. This makes information gathering easy for our events team, and it makes reporting on this data a breeze.

Doing this was possible thanks to the automation tools available in Salesforce, so if you’re not already, make sure you’re familiar and comfortable with the topics covered in the Lightning Flow Trailhead  and this Trailhead that addresses the loops used in this process. When developing and adding these automations to your process, I’d recommend designing and testing your flows in a sandbox prior to implementing them in your production environment. Don’t have a sandbox? You can also create a test event and add a filter to your trigger processes so they only launch for form responses from attendees related to the test event.

If you are a Fonteva Events customer, you can find a detailed walk-through of these automation workflows originally presented at FUNcon ‘18 in the FUNcommunity for events  by searching for “Salesforce Automation.” If you are a Fonteva customer and need access to the FUNcommunity, please contact your account manager.

If you’d like to learn more about managing your events in Salesforce with Fonteva Events, contact us today.

Abby Hayes is the CRM and Email Marketing Manager for a national, nonpartisan nonprofit driven to advance school choice in K-12 education.