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How Big Data is Reshaping the Experience Members Expect

December 5, 2018


Understanding what your data provides is the beginning of refining the member journey. In the era of digital transformation, successful organizations rely on data to inform their decision-making and enhance how they interact with members, including how they track and measure engagement. Translating great masses of data into useful, actionable items to improve the member experience can be summed up in four key steps:

Segmenting members

Members are unique in their preferences, values, and needs. From prospect to loyal member, their involvement with an organization varies based upon the value they perceive it provides to them. That value might be derived from products sold, events hosted, or content provided. Understanding where members derive their value helps define what type member they are. By using this data, organizations can begin to identify the general personas of their members. Segmenting members helps refine the unique journey of each member persona.

Understanding member journeys

By segmenting members, organizations can begin to identify the behavior and trends of each segment. Data analysis can reveal actions taken by members so organizations can track the interactions that led up to key events, such as a product purchase, event registration, or renewal. With this tracking, organizations can find where members drop off, or where their engagement wanes, so their experience can be improved each step of the way.

Anticipating needs

Oftentimes, members are not certain of what their needs are. By tracking the member journey with data, certain trends emerge which can be used to anticipate what the next step in their unique journey could be. For instance, analysis might reveal correlations between the actions members take. With this insight, more targeted communications can be developed to improve interaction with members. Over time, these processes can become well-established paths to guide members in their unique journeys. In addition to improving the member experience, this also helps define the metrics of engagement so there can be a standard by which to measure future performance.

Improving processes and services

By understanding the member journey, internal processes can be improved to provide better services to members. Redundancies can be removed and superfluous strategies can be eliminated. With effective analysis, the member experience can come to resemble the intuitive, personalized experience with which members have become familiar. In the data-driven economy, members don’t just prefer an experience tailored to their needs, they expect it.

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