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International Women’s Day: Words of Wisdom from Female Fontevans

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Happy International Women’s Day! Celebrated every year on March 8, this global day honors women’s social, economic, cultural, and political achievements. Fonteva is filled with innovative and inspiring women, who each have a unique perspective on achieving success in the technology space. So in honor of International Women’s Day, a few of our female Fontevans are sharing their words of wisdom.

“Everyone makes mistakes and you will too – especially in the early days. The key is learning the valuable lessons from those mistakes, marrying them with your successes, and creating positive outcomes for the future.”

Rachel Darcy, Senior Director, Sales (UK)

“The thought that I live by is ‘dare to step out of your comfort zone.’ Working in tech involves continuous learning and evolving. Don’t demonize your comfort zone as something holding you back. Dare to pick the different route and don’t always hold the safe choice.”

Nita Ghelani, Senior Delivery Manager/Technical Architect (US)

“Your career will be enriched by the connections you make and the knowledge shared with peers. Invest your time in speaking with colleagues and industry peers. Be interested, kind, and present. You never know when you’ll need their support!”

Monica Carvalho, Regional Marketing Leadership (UK)

“Identify and work with a mentor, who can be a champion in finding the right opportunities and helping you navigate through any blockers to your advancement and professional growth. Need help finding a mentor? Check out Salesforce’s Women in Tech Group.”

Christina Marmor, Director, Marketing Events (US)

“In the unconquered world of technology, there are unlimited opportunities to be curious and inquisitive.  As women, we must be creative, believe in ourselves, and capitalize on our nature of excelling at details. Let’s stand proud to be the essence of the breakthroughs in technology today.”

Ana Rivera, Customer Success Manager (US)

“Stay curious, creative, and constantly think out of the box. Above all else, stay engaged and never be afraid to vocalize your ideas no matter the setting. You never know what your contribution will spark and who’s in the room when it happens.”

Vashonta Roach, Associate, Sales Executive (US)

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