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App of the Month: Cloudingo

App of the Month: Cloudingo

Ding Those Duplicates in Your Data

Yes, there probably is an app for that, for just about anything you want to accomplish professionally and personally. But how do you know which apps are the best ones for your association?

To help the association community in this selection process, I have been highlighting apps from the Salesforce App Exchange so that you are able get a better idea of what’s available and may be most useful to you in your work. The app that I would like to highlight this month is Cloudingo.

Developed by Dallas-based Symphonic Source, the creators of free app DupeCatcher, Cloudingo is a cloud-based deduplication and data cleansing application. This powerful tool makes it easy for users to cleanse their databases.

The app’s simple, intuitive dashboard takes the guess work out of overall database management. Cloudingo solves the problem that so many associations face in their efforts to eliminate duplicate accounts and membership information.

By using this app, staff members can easily integrate and manage member and customer data to ensure that your association is always working with the most accurate, up-to-date information, which is essential to successfully retaining and recruiting members.

Here’s what users had to say about the ease of use, flexibility and overall effectiveness of this app:

“Cloudingo’s simplicity and ability view/manage data on a single pane of glass makes lead administration a breeze. I would suggest this tool to any organization looking for a simple and powerful solution to assist with data management.”

“Before Cloudingo I used to spend hours trying to clean up duplicate data. Now it takes a matter of minutes. Keeping my data in order with Cloudingo has not only helped me as an administrator, but also helped the other users of Salesforce, who are more confident with the accuracy of the information they access.”

In addition, users were pleased with the level of support they have received:

“The support was nearly real-time and helpful in those times it was needed. The ability to clearly and specifically define, test and automate de-duplication is a real comfort in an environment with lots of data.”

“The Cloudingo team is more than happy to support the initial [implementation] process with demos and answer questions .Thanks to this app I was able to remove more than 3,000 dupes. If you don't have this app then get it now, you will not be disappointed.”

In general, Cloudingo’s support team has a reputation for being responsive and readily available to assist users. As an added benefit, there are discounts on pricing available for nonprofit organizations. For more information, visit the company’s website.

Is this app right for your association? Learn more.

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