Casting Customers: Build Their Profiles and They Will Come

“....anyone that may have an interest in your nonprofit organization’s products, benefits and services,”...

William D. Pawlucy, founder and CEO of management consulting firm Association Options, offered this definition of customer in his recent article about how technology has impacted the nonprofit membership model. I like his definition, but I also think it’s a broader one than many associations might have considered in the past.

One of the reasons organizations may not have readily expanded their thinking in this direction was not having plentiful or accurate information about their customers, many of whom are in fact their members. This brings us back once again to the importance of data and every association’s ability to collect, manage and analyze it efficiently.

Without this capability associations cannot take full advantage of every opportunity to serve their customers thereby retaining current ones and recruiting new prospects. In his article, Pawlucy asserts that “building customer profiles is critical in understanding the many facets of your membership generationally, geographically, professionally, etc.”

I couldn’t agree more, and many of our customers are definitely moving in that direction. Using Fonteva For Associations they can easily build customer profiles and then use them to personalize and tailor their communications and offerings to these different groups. Build your products and services based on the diversity in your membership and/or customer base, and people will come to rely on your association as a resource.