CRM Counts: Usage Trends

Businesses in almost every sector, including associations and other nonprofit organizations, recognize the importance of managing customer relationships effectively and efficiently. In recent years, more and more of them have turned to CRM software to facilitate this process of managing and analyzing customer behaviors and preferences. However, the question still remains: How are businesses actually using CRM technology?

Capterra’s 2015 CRM Industry User Research Report offers some answers. Earlier this year, Capterra surveyed 500 businesses of all types to compare their CRM usage and identify trends. Here are two key findings from the survey:

From our perspective, these takeaways from the survey confirm much of what we’ve learned from our customers as well as how we’ve approached developing Fonteva For Associations.

Most of our customers report increases in member retention and engagement after implementing our solution because it makes it much easier for them to get a comprehensive and detailed view of these relationships. Further, we built Fonteva For Associations on the Salesforce platform because it is so widely used and is consistently rated as the world’s #1 CRM.

As you consider these trends, think about where your association falls on the CRM spectrum: Do you have CRM software in place? If so, are you using it to the fullest? It’s clear that in the larger scheme of things, having robust CRM software counts significantly towards your association’s future success, so you want to continue to monitor trends and development in this rapidly growing area of the software industry.