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My Top Three Session Picks for ASAE’s Annual Meeting

My Top Three Session Picks for ASAE’s Annual Meeting

With the opening session of ASAE’s Annual Meeting in Detroit about a week away, I wanted to share my top session picks. No doubt all of the speakers at this year’s meeting have important insights to offer, but I chose My Top Three based on the recent trends that we’ve observed while working with associations to either identify or implement a new technology solution.

This first is “Data Governance: What It Is, Why Your Association Needs It, and How to Get Started.” During the session, attendees will learn about the elements of a sound data governance program and hear from a peer who has implemented such a program. One of the co-presenters is Wes Trochlil, President, Effective Database Management LLC, who we have featured on this blog, and we continue to be impressed with his approach to addressing this key area of data management.

Another session that peaked my interest is “The Role of the C-Suite in Technology Planning and Implementation.” During the panel attendees will be able to pose questions that help them determine where they fall on technology adoption curve and what role executive leadership should play in the process. This topics comes up a lot when we meet with associations to talk about gaining internal buy-in for implementing a new technology solution. In fact, it was addressed during the portion our recent webinar on reducing technology costs that dealt with bringing together the whole organization’s technology strategy.

Finally, we continue to be interested in online communities and the important role they play in driving member engagement, so the session “What’s Next for Online Communities?” definitely caught my eye. This session will offer attendees examples of what organizations are doing well to connect people in meaningful ways. Member portals (private social communities) continue to be one of the most valued features of Fonteva For Associations, and we’ve taken care to design them in a manner that resembles what our customers’ members are used to seeing on social media.

In my view, attending these sessions will certainly contribute to your increased understanding of the technology challenges and opportunities facing your association. If you’re headed to the meeting, travel safely and enjoy your time in Detroit.

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