7-Step Process



We define the scope, tasks, deliverables, governance and timeline of your project in a Statement of Work (SOW). Once the parameters of your project are established, we sign an Agreement. Fonteva uses state-of-the-art Project Management Tools, such as JIRA and Open Air, to make sure your project is always on track.



Our teams get together during a Kickoff Call to look at the components of your project. A Business Process Review examines your current workflows, reports, notifications, sharing model, in order to determine how they need to be configured in your new solution. Data from your old system is reviewed for migration. A Report of Findings (ROF) evaluates results; dates are then set, and training of your team on your new solution begins.



We install and set up Fonteva Membership for your organization. Sample data is loaded to test your new system. Prototype Workshops allow us to evaluate the system. We then finalize the requirements and design of your new AMS solution.



Fonteva Membership typically meets 90% of an organization's needs "out of the box." We will configure and customize the application to your requirements. We amend page layouts, create new fields, implement data access rules, and customize online member application forms and approval processes. We teach you how to perform each task, so that you are entirely self-sufficient. We brand your new portal with your logo and colors, personalize email notifications, and create Custom Reports. We migrate data from your old system and check it for integrity.



We work with your implementation team to ensure the Fonteva Membership is properly configured. We fully test Scripts, Workflows, and the Integration of Fonteva Membership with other modules, such as your web site. Your team performs final checks in the form of User Acceptance Testing before your new solution is published and your project goes live.



Our system is intuitive and user-friendly, so you will get the hang of it from the first module. Regardless, adequate training time is included in all our implementations so that you are fully comfortable using your new solution. Training is done in small groups, generally by department, and can be administered remotely or on-site.

Salesforce Administration Essentials Training

Your Fonteva Membership license includes Salesforce, the most powerful Cloud CRM database.

Fonteva strongly recommends that at least one user attend Salesforce ADM201 training to learn the essentials of Salesforce administration. Your organization will save time and money by ensuring your administrator acquires the basic knowledge they need before starting using Salesforce.

ADM201 is the core training for all new Salesforce administrators. Participants learn how to navigate around the application, understand the data model, set up and manage users, secure data access, customize fields, data, reports and dashboards, and automate workflows.

Learn more at the Salesforce Training Site



Our online user guide provides detailed instructions on how to perform each common task. They are accessible from all desktop and mobile devices.

The Getting Started section covers the fundamentals of Salesforce and our applications, and provides a quick orientation course for your new AMS application.

The user guide also contains sections on members and membership, chapters, committees, communities, events, Fonteva eCommerce, finance and accounting, education, awards and fundraising. Each section walks you through the steps required to create, update or delete the elements that you need to successfully run your business.

A separate guide covers tasks specific to Fonteva Framework.

Online user guides are provided free of charge to all Fonteva customers.


Check out our online user guide.