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Airmic is a UK-based association that serves everyone who has a responsibility for risk management or insurance in their company or firm. The aim of the association is to provide a platform for these individuals to network, access educational resources, and attend events to further their professional development. Since its establishment in 1963, Airmic has continuously built long-standing relationships with its members. Airmic offers a variety of membership types, from individual to group offerings, and maintains a membership of approximately 1,400 members representing nearly 400 companies.

Key Results

Transitioned from a manual renewal process to member self-service

Saw increased 
user adoption

Easily provide personalised experiences with Fonteva's reports and dashboards

The Challenge

Following a period of growth, Airmic found that its legacy CRM was unable to support its plans for expanding services and increasing strategies to engage more members now and in the future. This outdated system could not handle the complexities of AIRMIC’s subscriptions, and the team was also relying on the lengthy process of integrating siloed databases to support their membership model. 


Airmic relied entirely on the membership coordinator to manage all renewals and communications. This individual was tasked with the time-consuming process of speaking to members on a one-on-one basis. With one person managing over 1,300 members, scaling membership growth would not be feasible.


There was also a challenge with ensuring that the content produced for members was relevant. “Our association has such a diverse network with a range of ages, skill sets, and companies,” explains Matt Goldsmith, Airmic’s Digital Manager.  Airmic wanted to find a solution that could support the creation of a more personalised member experience while simultaneously automating manual processes. 

The Solution

“Our goal is to provide systems that are as automated and member-focused as possible,” said Goldsmith. “Once we communicated the change to our members and explained how to use the new member portal, overall adoption has been strong.”


Airmic’s members can use the portal to update information, pay for subscriptions, and change communication preferences. Calls to the office have significantly dropped thanks to the increased availability of self-service options. Airmic has seen steady engagement through the member portal, with at least 10% of members logging in each month. 


Airmic conducts over 50 workshops every year, which are focused on sharing industry best practices and offering opportunities to network. Fonteva has helped Airmic enhance the member experience for their events, while also offering stronger attendee insights that shape future strategies.

“All of our attendee data is automatically saved in Salesforce and used by our team for post-event review and future decision making.”

Matt Goldsmith, Airmic Digital Manager

Conscious of not losing the personal experience built by one-on-one communications, Airmic has begun leveraging technology to enhance and scale this strategy. The team has recently launched an initiative where members are asked to provide additional details about themselves and their professional interests. Using Fonteva’s reporting and dashboards, the team can then see an overview of their members to identify trends and common interests. This allows them to segment their audience to efficiently deliver a more engaging member experience with valuable and relevant content for each member. 

Goldsmith also plans to fully automate any remaining manual processes, noting, “my goal is to have no staff performing tasks that could be done automatically”.

The Bottom Line

Goldsmith advises anyone undergoing digital transformation to map out the desired journey and plan out processes accordingly. Choosing the right consultation and implementation partners are crucial to the success of your transformation. Goldsmith also suggests taking full advantage of additional training opportunities.

“Salesforce and Fonteva training is extremely valuable and helps address issues without having to contact support,” said Goldsmith. 

Ultimately, all of Airmic’s plans come down to improving operational efficiency. By saving the Airmic staff’s time, they can effectively focus their efforts on improving the member experience. Thanks to Fonteva’s scalability, there are no concerns about having an inadequate infrastructure to support ongoing growth. Airmic is no longer reliant on manual processes, isolated by multiple systems, or limited by lack of self-service options. You could meander on by using various add-ons, or you can get everything in one package with Fonteva”, said Goldsmith. 

Fonteva has enabled the Airmic team to successfully improve operational efficiencies and create the member experience that they have strived for. 

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