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3 Secrets to Running Your First Association Webinar for Fun & Profit

imagesWebinars are an economical way to open a new channel to communicate your association’s message and to provide continuing education to your current and prospective members.  While free and low-cost webinar platforms are plentiful, you need to have a strategy in place to ensure that your webinar makes business sense for your association while providing meaningful information to your audience. Here are three secrets to running your first association webinar:
  • For maximum impact, recruit a thought leader who is prominent in your association or industry to headline your first webinar.  Your own association community should be a ripe recruiting ground to find just the right speaker.
  • Start a discussion about the webinar topic on your social media channels prior to the webinar.  We suggest posing controversial questions or putting a survey online for your members and other prospective attendees, who can then provide their opinions and comments during the webinar.  Be sure hashtags are used throughout the discussions for future access—you can then offer attendees the opportunity to continue the conversation online at the conclusion of the webinar.
  • Make your first webinar a two-part series.  With this strategy, you can run the first part of the webinar free of charge and provide more general information.  Then have attendees pay for part two of the webinar, covering a related topic in depth.   An additional smart element of this strategy would be to offer a discount on membership or products for participants.
Putting these three secrets to work when planning your association’s first webinar will help you get your message out for maximum reach, while benefitting your organization’s bottom line.
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