App of the Month: Predict People and Profits with Scout Link for Sales from Scout Analytics

Yes, there probably is an app for that, for just about anything you want to accomplish professionally and personally. But how do you know which apps are the best ones for your association?

So far this year I’ve highlighted six apps from the Salesforce App Exchange so that you could get a better idea of what’s available and may be most useful to you in your work. The seventh app that I would like to highlight is Scout Link for Sales.

How much are your customers/members worth? This app provides predictive analysis to help organizations maximize the lifetime value of their customers. Through predictive pricing, retention monitoring and trial scoring, membership sales teams could potentially increase revenues and profits 10 to 15 percent.

The revenue intelligence generated from the app can be easily integrated into so that membership sales organizations can maximize revenue from renewals and trials. They can efficiently identify optimal pricing for renewal and focus on trials that are most likely to convert. Each membership (or subscription) up for renewal can be summarized in terms of usage and classified as at-risk, an up-sell or a cross-sell.

This app’s functionality is definitely applicable to associations. They want to know the lifetime value of their members so they can make the appropriate investments in resources for them. This app is no crystal ball, but using it will increase your ability to predict the future value of members.

Given its functionality, think of profits and people your association could gain or retain using Scout Link for Sales. Read more online to see if this app might be right for your organization.