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Paul Lundy is Co-Founder and President of Fonteva, the number one cloud technology solution for associations that manage members and donors.

Paul is a veteran leader of customer-driven organizations in the US, Europe and Asia. He spent many years living and traveling abroad for The Coca-Cola Company and McCann-Erickson.

Prior to co-founding Fonteva, Paul served as Chief Marketing and Sales Officer of GlobalCrypto, an early stage cyber security company . Paul was also co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Marketworks, a cloud-based Fonteva eCommerce company and eBay's largest Preferred Solution Provider. Over 3,000 businesses in 37 countries used Marketworks to automate their online sales operations when Paul sold the company in 2007.

Paul holds a Bachelor degree in Journalism and Marketing. He began his career in advertising with McCann-Erickson, where he held the position of Vice-President, Account Group Director, for the US and then Europe. Subsequently, he worked as Director for The Coca-Cola Company with a primary focus on the Asia Pacific.

Paul is an active member of the nonprofit Big Brothers and Big Sisters.

Created to Last: Make Your App All That

Created to Last: Make Your App All That

“Here an app, there an app…Old McDonald…” Well, you know how the rest goes. At this point, in addition to the farm, Old McDonald probably has an app. All kidding aside, apps have become a way life for many people, including your association’s members.

In May of last year, Apple announced that customers have downloaded more than 50 billion apps from its App Store. According to the company, customers are downloading more than 800 apps per second at a rate of over two billion apps per month.

That’s the universe you’re up against as you create apps for your association. The most common we’ve seen are annual meeting apps, and some have worked better than others.  In a recent white paper, Nick Black, co-founder and director at Apadmi, shared some key points to consider before you create an app.

    • Be clear about why you are building an app. In today’s app-driven world, there is an ever-growing expectation – your employees and customers expect you to have an app, and quite rightly they expect using it to be a good experience. Think about the end results of the app and what you want it to achieve.
    • Understand your target users. To design and create an app, you need to understand who your end users are. What are the demographics and technical abilities of your audience - savvy or novice? What will their usage patterns be? When do you expect them to use the app? And for how long? Where will they have connectivity and what mobile platforms and devices do you expect them to use?
    • Clearly define what the app will do. The keys to a successful app are simplicity, usability and reliability. An app should be developed to meet a specific need, or perform a specific task. It is better to launch a simple application that does one thing well, rather than one that does lots of things badly.
    • Design an intuitive UI. A good user experience is critical to the success of any app – if the experience isn’t good it will massively impact on your brand. Expectations are high; users are accustomed to well-designed, functional applications. An app that is not intuitively designed only serves to put up barriers to adoption.

All of these strategic issues were considered when we created Fonteva For Associations, and we continue to communicate with our users to find out how it’s working for them. We want to be sure that our app is all that and more.

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