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Paul Lundy is Co-Founder and President of Fonteva, the number one cloud technology solution for associations that manage members and donors.

Paul is a veteran leader of customer-driven organizations in the US, Europe and Asia. He spent many years living and traveling abroad for The Coca-Cola Company and McCann-Erickson.

Prior to co-founding Fonteva, Paul served as Chief Marketing and Sales Officer of GlobalCrypto, an early stage cyber security company . Paul was also co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Marketworks, a cloud-based Fonteva eCommerce company and eBay's largest Preferred Solution Provider. Over 3,000 businesses in 37 countries used Marketworks to automate their online sales operations when Paul sold the company in 2007.

Paul holds a Bachelor degree in Journalism and Marketing. He began his career in advertising with McCann-Erickson, where he held the position of Vice-President, Account Group Director, for the US and then Europe. Subsequently, he worked as Director for The Coca-Cola Company with a primary focus on the Asia Pacific.

Paul is an active member of the nonprofit Big Brothers and Big Sisters.

How Can Association Management Software Help Manage Data?

How Can Association Management Software Help Manage Data?

Big Data will be the next big thing for big businesses in 2013.

Small- and medium-sized businesses have backed away from the expense, IT force and training needed for data analysis projects. But 2013 could be their year, too, as new technology is leveling the playing field, according to an article on the Washington Post website.

Of course, Big Data is a relative term. It’s really just data regardless of the size or the organization. And data is a big problem for organizations of all sizes.

That’s why associations need to make managing data a top priority. Association management software can help.

The key to managing business data is making sure it’s all in one place. Data silos are the biggest roadblock. That’s what prevents you from looking at data properly. If you have to go to three databases to get information, it’ll always be a reporting and business intelligence nightmare, not to mention cost prohibitive.

Organizations must strive to buy technology that enables them to keep all of their data in one location. Whether it’s managing members, prospects, vendors or investors, everything needs to be in a single database.

Today’s association management software Platform Solutions have good analytics built-in. You can easily search for and run reports on data. Best of all, it’s easily customizable. Just make sure that if you use a third-party solution you have a way to get that data into your primate database.

Also, don’t enter notes. You can’t easily report on them. Enter information into a field that requires a checkbox or pick list so you can pull a report. If you’re putting information into a notes field, it might be important data, but you’ll never get anything useful out of it. It’ll come back as a glob of words that’s nearly impossible to analyze.

That means if you’re looking for member interests don’t give users a free-form text field. Provide a drop-down menu with options like sports, traveling, gardening, etc.

Data helps organizations prepare and plan. For instance, your organization might require a specific certification as part of membership. A steep drop-off in that certification could be a pending disaster as far as membership revenue goes. If you don’t have that data, you’ll be completely blindsided.

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5 Ways Great Association Management Leadership Can Make A Big Impact

Dynamic leaders can have a huge impact on the success of an association. An article on the Associations Now website highlights this with the story of how Frank Fahrenkopf’s leadership helped to build the American Gaming Association into a force. People want to follow great leaders. That’s why association management leadership is so important.
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Why Is Membership Management More Important Than Ever For Professional Associations?

An article on the Associations Now website explains that many members join professional associations because their company pays the annual due payment. However, many companies now are cutting back on their professional-development budgets, making membership management more important than ever. Associations must highlight the value they offer.
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5 Conference Planning Tips To Make A Splash At Trade Shows

Conference planning is the key to making the most out of trade shows. An article on explains why you must go to such shows with high-level goals. Trade shows can be expensive, so make a realistic plan of your return on investment. Stay focused on your company’s mission while networking, seeking innovation and leaving your mark.
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Top 5 Conference Planning Trends For 2013

An article on the Association Trends website highlights the top five conference planning trends of 2013, which focus on participation, technology and social media. Planners must structure conferences so that participants aren’t sitting around bored to death for hours. Sponsors and participants want to be engaged.
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Why Must Membership Websites Take Advantage Of Online Giving Growth?

Online giving is on the rise. The Blackbaud Index of Online Giving reports that donations rose 13.3 percent between September and November last year compared to the same period in 2011, according to an article on the Association Trends website. Membership websites need to take advantage of the growth in online giving.
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How Can Association Management Policies Help Organizations Steer Clear Of Social Media Controversies?

Associations have to walk a fine line between reaping the benefits of social media while at the same time protecting the organization from liability, an article on the Associations Now website explains. Association management policies must be in place so that organizations can take action when employees or members violate social media guidelines.
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How Can A Good Association Management Strategy Leverage Social Media?

What’s crossing the line and what isn’t when it comes to sharing information? That can be tough to nail down in the age of social media. It’s why a good association management strategy needs to be in place for leveraging social media, especially when it comes to sensitive information, according to an article on the Associations Now website.
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3 Ways Membership Management Software Can Help Associations Grow

An article on the Inside Tucson Business website notes that most associations are experiencing membership declines. That’s why associations need membership management software that can mine data and help them understand the difference between members that leave and those that renew. Such software is the key to growing association membership.
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3 Ways To Drive More Traffic To Association Membership Websites

For most associations, driving more traffic to membership websites ranks high on their list of New Year’s rePlatform Solutions. Most sites in the industry lack well-organized content. An article on the Big Ideas Blog explains that the key to increasing association content views is to provide concise, interesting and relevant information.
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Why Does Event Planning Rank Among The Best Business Jobs?

An article on the Associations Now website notes that event planning is among the best business jobs in a recent U.S. News & World Report list. For sure, it’s both a really exciting and intimidating time to be a meeting planner. It might be an old-school job, but the days of the old-school meeting planner are over.
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How Is Upcoming Release A Big Deal For Association Management Software?

How Is Upcoming Release A Big Deal For Association Management Software? always has featured lots of data, but getting it out in a format you wanted could be challenging. That’s why the enhancements in the next product update are a big deal for association management software built on the platform.

An article on the InfoWorld website reports that Chatter, the platform’s social collaboration and messaging service, will see several improvements covering areas like search, content previewing and general usability.

Analyst Ray Wang, CEO of Constellation Research, says the upgrades to Chatter are much welcomed.

“The toughest challenge with products like Chatter and other enterprise social networks is avoiding the social feed deluge,” he tells InfoWorld. “It’s like being buried by email.”

Association wants to be able to get into and see what their contacts are doing outside of the portal on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

If there’s a group on LinkedIn that’s germane to your case, that offers a whole new area for membership. If you’re doing something around veterinarian work, for example, a group focused on preventing animal cruelty would make for a great pool of prospects.

Analytics also will be revamped in the update this spring with the ability to view dashboards from the platform’s Touch mobile interface.

“The reporting engines are good, but advanced analytics still require other tools,” Wang says. “Analytics has been the stepchild at but a big opportunity for partners.”

Another new feature will allow salespeople to run forecasts quarterly. In addition, users will be able to run forecasts with partner opportunity data.

“Forecasts and partner forecasting helps improve the ability to handle indirect sales,” Wang tells InfoWorld. “This joint forecasting should help improve coordination and quota assignment.”

The upcoming also will include a retooled online “help” resources platform complete with a series of new downloadable PDFs. Help topics will be organized by feature area, user type and task.

Source: InfoWorld, December 2012

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What’s The Best Association Management Strategy To Attract Generation Y?

With the median age of association members on the rise, it’s vital that organizations find ways to attract the next generation, an article on the Big Ideas Blog explains. An association management strategy that leverages technology is the key to reaching out to Generation Y. You’re not going to attract the next generation with an old clunky system.
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3 Ways Social Media Can Add Value To Conference Planning

Savvy conference hosts know they must monitor, listen and participate in social media conversations. Social media is a great way to gain awareness for your organization. An article on the Association Trends website highlights three ways social media adds customer-centric value to conference planning.
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How Can Association Management Software Turn Data Into Meaningful Information?

How Can Association Management Software Turn Data Into Meaningful Information?

There’s certainly no shortage of data today. The question is how do associations turn that data into meaningful, actionable choices to drive decision making?

Analyzing engagement data is where experts say associations soon will turn their attention as they embrace “Big Data” concepts, according to an article on the Associations Now website.

“You now have the ability to know consumers better than they know themselves,” says Brian Solis, a business consultant and author.

That’s because with every tweet, Facebook post and comment consumers are leaving “digital breadcrumbs” of data explaining their behaviors and interest.

The shaping of data is where businesses in general struggle. Fortunately, association management software systems are growing increasingly sophisticated, allowing groups to capture more data than ever before about members and their interactions.

Now they must add “the human algorithm,” Solis tells Associations Now. “You need a purpose when you’re interpreting data,” he explains.

That means associations can’t merely collect and amass data. The data must be used to help advance your association’s specific goals.

Metrics are important to understand the behaviors of association members, including who is most active in your community and who regularly attends events or webinars. Beyond monitoring member activity, associations need to decide how they want to act on that information. That’s the next step.

Solis believes that associations soon will be riding the wave of “Big Data” similar to many large companies like Google, Facebook and Netflix. He notes that a growing number of groups are seeking online membership software Platform Solutions and engagement measurement tools to manage the massive amounts of actionable data available for mining.

The bad news is that data is growing in both volume and complexity. The good news, Solis notes, is that “everybody is still trying to figure this out.”

Source: Associations Now, December 2012

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Could Gamification Boost Activity At Association Membership Websites?

Some associations seeking ways to raise their profile and engage members are turning to gamification. It is one tool available in the association management playbook to boost activity at membership websites, an article on the Associations Now website explains. But gamification is most relevant for encouraging people to try to learn something new.
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Why Is Creating More Value For Members The Key To Association Management?

In an increasingly complex and competitive marketplace, associations are looking for new ways to provide their members with ongoing reasons to come into their private environments. An article on the Associations Now website explains why a key component of association management is creating more value for your community.
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Why Is Volunteer Management Critical For Association Success?

Volunteer management is one of the most important and difficult areas for associations. As an article on the ASAE’s Acronym blog explains, it’s a much more challenging position to fill than a typical managerial position, in which the individual manages paid employees. Volunteer managers need to be real motivators.
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5 Key Provisions For Association Management Employee Contracts

Employee agreements are never the same, but all association management employment contracts should include five key provisions. An article on the ASAE website explains that every deal must: describe the position; spell out compensation; describe the supervision structure; explain the performance review process; and cover termination.
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