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Digital Dilemmas: 3 Tech Pitfalls to Avoid

Digital Dilemmas: 3 Tech Pitfalls to Avoid

"Use technology to do a better job - legally and ethically - at whatever it is that you do."

David M. Patt, CAE, founder of Association Executive Management, made this important point in a recent post to his blog. His comments underscored a basic fact of life: There's good and bad in everything.

At Fonteva, we're committed to helping our association customers make the most of technology and use it to their advantage. By the same token, we recognize that technology can hinder organizations if not leveraged appropriately.

For instance, Patt highlighted several problems of the digital age that he believes should be taken into consideration as organizations engage in digital planning. Three stood out for me because they illustrate how technology can actually come between you and your customers:

Bad, really bad, customer service. Businesses can hide from you online and deliver poor, useless customer "service." And there's nothing you can do about it other than not buy that product.

No contact. Many businesses make it difficult or impossible for you to contact them. They have no physical offices you can visit. They only have web sites, where they seal themselves behind impenetrable walls so you can't complain about anything or ask questions they don't want you to ask. Don't do that in your association.

Automated receptionists. They help businesses, not callers, by eliminating the need to pay somebody a salary and benefits. A robotic answering system guesses the questions that will be asked (tough luck if your question is not one of them) and forces you to spend time navigating an intake maze that does not always to lead to where you need it to go. And some disconnect if you press zero. So, figure out a new strategy to find the right person when you call.

The takeaway for me is that our use of technology needs to be customer-focused and should facilitate communication and not hinder it. We built Fonteva For Associations on the most robust CRM platform available for that very reason.

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