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How Can Association Management Software Turn Data Into Meaningful Information?

How Can Association Management Software Turn Data Into Meaningful Information?

There’s certainly no shortage of data today. The question is how do associations turn that data into meaningful, actionable choices to drive decision making?

Analyzing engagement data is where experts say associations soon will turn their attention as they embrace “Big Data” concepts, according to an article on the Associations Now website.

“You now have the ability to know consumers better than they know themselves,” says Brian Solis, a business consultant and author.

That’s because with every tweet, Facebook post and comment consumers are leaving “digital breadcrumbs” of data explaining their behaviors and interest.

The shaping of data is where businesses in general struggle. Fortunately, association management software systems are growing increasingly sophisticated, allowing groups to capture more data than ever before about members and their interactions.

Now they must add “the human algorithm,” Solis tells Associations Now. “You need a purpose when you’re interpreting data,” he explains.

That means associations can’t merely collect and amass data. The data must be used to help advance your association’s specific goals.

Metrics are important to understand the behaviors of association members, including who is most active in your community and who regularly attends events or webinars. Beyond monitoring member activity, associations need to decide how they want to act on that information. That’s the next step.

Solis believes that associations soon will be riding the wave of “Big Data” similar to many large companies like Google, Facebook and Netflix. He notes that a growing number of groups are seeking online membership software Platform Solutions and engagement measurement tools to manage the massive amounts of actionable data available for mining.

The bad news is that data is growing in both volume and complexity. The good news, Solis notes, is that “everybody is still trying to figure this out.”

Source: Associations Now, December 2012

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