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Insights from Information: 4 Trends to Watch in 2015

Insights from Information: 4 Trends to Watch in 2015

In our experience, most organizations have the potential to collect and access more information about their members and customers than ever before. The challenge comes when they must determine what kinds of data to gather and how to use them in strategic decision-making.

Fonteva For Associations was designed with data-driven organizations in mind. Our reporting and dashboard functions are flexible and easy to use so that associations can track and monitor almost any strategic goal or objective that they have set.

However, even with the appropriate technology tools in place, managing information still presents challenges because there is so much of it. In a recent article written for the American Marketing Association's Marketing Insights e-newsletter, Julie Davis cited a recent Gartner Inc. study, which indicated that "one-third of Fortune 100 companies will face an information crisis—an inability to adequately drive business insights from data and information—by 2017."

Your organization could be facing similar challenges if you don't continue to monitor four key trends that will, as Davis writes, "ensure that your organization makes the most of its data-driven insights and capabilities in the years to come."
Here they are:

  1. Stakeholder management will be key.
  2. Increased focus on data delivery.
  3. Greater insights influence.
  4. Mobile will drive survey research.

These trends are worth keeping an eye on as your association strives to gain insight from information rather than indigestion.


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