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Marketing to Go: 3 Important Considerations for Mobile Content Marketing

imgresIf find yourself reaching for your mobile device more and more when you need information or want to communicate online, you’re not alone. The use of mobile devices is widespread for both professional and personal activities. In a recent post to the company’s blog, Readz CEO Bart De Pelsmaeker notes that “nearly half of Facebook’s active users access the network only from mobile devices.” This trend or preference towards mobile devices has given rise to the latest iteration of content marketing, mobile content marketing. De Pelsmaeker defines mobile content marketing as “the creation of mobile optimized content to attract and engage existing and potential customers.” The platform may have changed, but the goals are the same: recruiting and retaining customers. Like other organizations are doing, associations might want to consider if mobile content marketing has place in their strategic plans for engaging existing customers and prospects. However, be forewarned. Mobile content marketing requires more than using existing content and enabling it for mobile devices. Some associations made this mistake when first implementing social media. Simply reposting content from your association’s web site to social media may not be enough to attract your members and prospects. Instead, De Pelsmaeker says three considerations are most important if your organization wants to be effective at mobile content marketing:
  1. Great content.  “Writing excellent content that meets users’ needs is the foundation of content marketing, whether it’s targeted to mobile users or not. Steer your content strategy towards relevant information that users want.”
  2. Speed. “If people are using mobile devices with a limited data plan, the length of time content takes to download hits them in the pocket. That means if content loads slowly, they really have to want it to stick around. Slow page load is a big turnoff for both web and mobile users, so optimize your content so it loads quickly.”
  3. Usability. “This is about how easy it is for mobile device users to complete desired actions when interacting with your content. Common mobile usability errors include menus that stretch into an inaccessible area or are not completely visible because they are really setup for desktop users, pop-ups or social media sharing buttons that block the main content, long forms that are cumbersome to fill in.”
In general, he recommends that organizations take a “mobile first” approach, which means starting content creation with the mobile interface and then broadening it out for other users. This approach certainly resonates with us at Fonteva. This trend towards increased use of mobile devices seemed inevitable and was foremost in our minds when we developed Fonteva For Associations, which is completely mobile for association staff and members. Original Article  
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