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Moms Get Gold at Sochi

imgres-1TAKEAWAY TUESDAY Take it away! This is the seventh in a series of posts that will be featured on Fonteva’s blog highlighting important strategies associations can take away from other industries. In today’s sixth-degrees-of-separation world, your members are assessing your association not just in comparison to similar organizations but in relation to the totality of their experiences as consumers. As such, we want to help you stay abreast of key trends and best practices, those takeaways that may benefit your association. I am a big fan of live sporting events, and I also enjoy watching them from the comfort of my home.  In fact, of my TV consumption, sports probably make up 75 percent. Like many of you, I have thoroughly enjoyed the coverage of the Winter Olympics in Sochi. Watching top athletes from around the world compete is exciting, disappointing and inspiring all at the same time. And as any sports fan knows, the competition among corporations to use major sporting events to their best advantage is just as tough. In the months leading up to the Winter Olympics, a particular group of commercials and ads stood out for me. Launched in 2010 in conjunction with the Winter Games in Vancouver, Proctor & Gamble’s “Proud Sponsor of Moms” campaign has been quite successful. The campaign focuses on the role moms have played in helping their Olympians reach their goals. P&G found a way to capitalize on a world-wide event that might not have ordinarily been so closely associated with its brand by identifying a key audience and going for gold. Just before the games in Sochi got underway, P&G released a new ad, Pick Them Up. “As a mom I can relate to those moments of watching my children fall, and being there to pick them up, dust them off and tell them to try again,” Jodi Allen, P&G’s vice president of North American marketing and brand operations, told Huffing Post Blogger Lisa Belkin. “We feel that all moms can relate to this new film because whether your child is an Olympian or not, all moms strive to raise great children.” Yes, they do, and that’s why this approach has resonated with its intended audience. Perhaps, you can identify a similar opportunity for your association to leverage some aspect of a major event. The answer is likely lies in your data. And well, you already know how I feel about that. Original Article

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