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Stormy Weather?

change1“Don’t know why there’s no sun up in the sky. Stormy weather… Keeps raining all of the time.” —David A. Bell This well-known musical refrain might resonate all too well if you’ve had difficulty implementing cloud initiatives in your organization. If your organization can’t seem to move forward with deploying these useful tools, it’s likely not the technology that’s the problem, but the technicalities you face internally in terms of people, processes, and policies. A new study by 451’s research service The InfoPro found that 83 percent of respondents are facing significant “roadblocks to deploying their cloud initiatives.” Further, 68 percent of respondents cited non-IT related road blocks as their major problems. People, processes and policy seem to be the primary barriers to successful deployment of cloud initiatives. In general people resist change. However, you can overcome these road blocks. New vs. Old
  • Spend time understanding your current processes and think about how these process and policies should be modified to get maximum value from the new system.
  • Old processes and policies created to accommodate old technology are frequently a barrier.
  • Processes can be difficult to change, but the organization needs to understand with new technology comes new (and hopefully better) processes.
Pro vs. Con
  • Identify both the supporters and detractors of a new implementation and have a strategy for addressing each group.
  • Turn the supporter into an evangelist and neutralize the detractors by spending extra time and care addressing their concerns.
  • In some cases, it may be necessary to bring in senior leadership to address a "people" issue early in the process.
To have clear skies ahead and successfully deploy cloud initiatives, you’ll have to address these non-IT related issues.
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