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Take Marketing Personally

Take Marketing Personally

You members want you to get personal with them. Recent research shows that consumers prefer customized offers. According to the Accenture Personalization Survey, nearly 60 percent of consumers want real-time offers and promotions.

As such, personalization can be a key factor in engaging your association's members. In a recent MarketingProfs article, Roz Lemieux outlines five steps that can help associations deliver personalized communications and experiences to their members. Here they are:

  1. Combine email and CRM data with social media
  2. Learn customers' personal preferences via social behaviors
  3. Create custom audiences for ad targeting
  4. Deliver personalization with newfound customer knowledge
  5. Ready, set, automate!

One of the important points she makes in highlighting these steps is that "through data, analysis and automation, the process of sending personalized marketing messages has become easier."

I would encourage you to explore what options your association has for personalizing member communications. If you're not satisfied with this capability, it may be time to invest in a CRM platform that gives you more flexibility.

For instance, Fonteva For Associations users can take advantage of Conga Composer, available on the Salesforce AppExchange, for creating personalized templates for presentations, reports, invoices, contracts, and other documents and produce consistent output every time. They can easily deliver customized documents, presentations and reports using Word, PowerPoint, Excel, HTML email and PDF forms.

One way or another, your association needs to identify ways to get more personal with its members.

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