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Thankful for Technology

thankful-technology-620x471As you celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with friends and loved ones, you’ll likely spend time thinking about what you are thankful for.  For some families it’s tradition for each person attending the holiday gathering to share their gratitude with the group. In that spirit, Fonteva staff reflected on the technologies that they are most thankful for. They are thankful for technologies that: Help them stay in touch with family and friends I’m thankful for video-chat, such as Face Time and Skype.  It’s great to get to see my nieces and nephews while they’re living hundreds of miles away! —Christine Clark, Project Manager I’m thankful for WhatsApp. It allows me to communicate with my family members all over the world for free. All I had to do was download the app for 99 cents. Then, I created a “keeping in touch” group and added all my family members from South Africa, the UK, and Australia to it. Now I always know what they are doing and feel like I’m part of their daily lives. —Kizaan Knapp: Marketing Director  Facilitate communication and collaboration from anywhere at any time I’m thankful for mobile devices. —Jerry Huskins, CEO I’m thankful for network attached storage. —Aaron Fluty, Platform Solutions Architect I’m thankful for Instagram. —Ulas Kutuk, Software Engineer I’m thankful for cloud computing. The cloud has changed the way people store their own data, such as notes and recordings, videos, and music. —Paul Lundy, President Make it easier to preserve memories I’m thankful for digital Photos.  No more having to buy film, remember to get it developed, and put together an album.  With digital photography I can check to make sure I got the shot instantly, take 50 photos, and only keep 3 if I want. What more could you ask for? —Juliann Paladino, Accountant And we couldn’t ask for better colleagues and clients. We are thankful the talents and expertise that you share with us every day. Enjoy your holiday!
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