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Year-End Fundraising: Make Your List and Check It Twice

imagesRePlatform Solutions? What rePlatform Solutions? As the year comes to a close, our thoughts are often drawn to what didn’t get done during the last 12 months. Well, there’s still time to reflect on what’s going well and what isn’t and make an impact, especially if you’re engaged in fundraising. Now isn’t the time to throw the proverbial towel in. Instead you want to make sure you’ve identified and potentially pursued all key avenues for raising funds. That’s right. You need to make a list— or refer to plan that already have in place— and check it twice. As Nancy Schwartz, principal of the nonprofit consultancy, asserts in her recent blog post for Socialbrite, “December is the hands-down most powerful month to fundraise and to strengthen relationships for the year to come.” Here’s her take on four “last-chance marketing to-dos” you should consider implementing today: 1. Pinpoint where you are right now.
  • Assess results against your benchmarks.
  • Identify meaningful trends.
2. Execute what you can ASAP to boost 2013 results.
  • Do more of what has worked best to engage your most loyal supporters while you have their attention.
  • Launch an energized, donor-focused email and social fundraising campaign in late December, including emails the last two days of the month.
  • But first, get your website and staff ready to respond.
3. Nurture your relationships now to build support in 2014.
  • Spend a few minutes, ideally one on one, with colleagues in your organization to thank them for their help in making marketing a success (even if their role is very indirect).
  • Thank your current supporters of all stripes, including clients, board members, donors, volunteers, partners and others who help your organization move its mission forward.
  • Reach out to rejuvenate relationships that have gone dark in 2013.
4. Refine your 2014 marketing plan based on your 2013 learning.
  • Fine-tune your marketing goals and primary target audiences.
  • Set or refine ambitious but realistic benchmarks and your methods of measuring where you are on the path to achieving them.
  • Make your personal plan.
All of these seem like worthwhile undertakings as nonprofit fundraisers think on back one year as they prepare for the next. However, it’s clear that robust data gathering and reporting capabilities are essential for effectively managing any of these tasks. Are you making a list and checking it twice to ensure that your organization has the appropriate software systems in place? If you’re in that process and need assistance, please let us know.
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