5 Tweet Takeaways from ASAE’s Tech Conference

Focused around the theme “Status Quo—Denied; Disruption—Required,” ASAE’s 10th annual Technology Conference drew in a record number of attendees last month. In fact, with close to 1300 total participants, it was the highest attended conference in the event’s history.

We had the chance to meet many of these attendees when they stopped by the Fonteva Lounge (Booth #539). After hearing their concerns and challenges, I am not surprised that association executives turned out for the conference in such large numbers. In general, I got the impression that organizations know they need to be disruptive in the sense that they have to approach their business models and a variety of strategies (i.e. marketing, content, etc.) differently.

But where do they start? Many of the people I met came to the conference in search of Platform Solutions and sometimes affirmation that they were headed in the right direction towards disrupting the status quo at their organizations. There were so many takeaways from this event, but for me five really came through in attendee tweets about the conference.

Tweet #1: I'm really enjoying the bigger picture discussions on disruption, culture and strategy at this year’s #Tech15! @TechConf
Takeaway: Really consider the 360 degree view of how your organization operates. If you don’t have an AMS that makes it easy to do this, it’s time to get one that does.

Tweet #2: I learned a ton, mostly what I'm not doing: content strategy, digital strategy and social media.
Takeaway: I doubt this attendee is alone. Don’t be afraid to identify areas for improvement. It may be time for your annual tech check-up.

Tweet #3: Technology should empower and excite the association. If staff aren't jazzed about a new system, maybe it's not right.
Takeaway: People won’t use technology that seems to make their jobs more difficult rather than easier. Invest in a flexible solution that delights your association’s staff.

Tweet #4: Create outlets/opportunities/channels for folks to share their good ideas. This allows all—introverts included—to contribute.
Takeaway: There is no such thing as too many great ideas. Encourage your team to share theirs.

Tweet #5: Thanks @ASAEcenter for a great #Tech15! Now the question is ... where to start with all the lessons learned?
Takeaway: Start small, but start somewhere! Don’t let all the knowledge you’ve gained get lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday tasks. It’s a New Year and a new day, and better technology Platform Solutions are yours for the taking.