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Brainstorms, Brands, Boards and Better Meetings: Our Top Posts of 2015

Brainstorms, Brands, Boards and Better Meetings: Our Top Posts of 2015

Happy New Year! As associations reflect on last year and solidify their plans for this one, I thought it appropriate to take a look back at some of our most read blog posts of 2015. Interestingly they focus on the issues and trends that were not only relevant then, but will continue to be so in 2016.

The most read post of 2015 talks about innovation. In our work with association customers, we’ve found that this is an area in which many of them would like to see more progress. As noted, I agreed with author Dorie Clark’s assertion that each of us as unique individuals sees the world differently from anyone else. If we trust that vision, we can innovate in our organizations.

In the number two spot is a post focusing on word-of-mouth marketing and brand building. I concurred with Cision Content Manager Brian Conlin’s assertion that “a brand doesn’t have to undertake [every tactic]” and agreed with his suggestion that organizations determine which tactics are best for them. One way or another, your association would likely benefit from actively working word-of-mouth marketing opportunities in the coming year.

Who doesn’t want to have more effective meetings? Perhaps, this even made your list of New Year’s rePlatform Solutions. A post that I wrote at the beginning of last year focused on the CEO standard for effective meetings. CEOs appreciate meetings that stay focused on the main point, have an agenda, and discuss the important issues.

And rounding out our top 5 is one of several posts I wrote last year focusing on boards. It highlighted three key areas that most boards get right: providing checks and balances, serving as the SWAT team in waiting and keeping the organization's mind open a little longer than might seem necessary.

To my thinking, each of the ideas highlighted in these posts is worth revisiting as your chart your association’s course for a New Year marked by innovation, effective meetings, and strategic leadership.

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