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BYOD Could Mean More ROI

BYOD Could Mean More ROI

The mobile workforce is here. We find that our current and potential Fonteva team members all need flexibility in terms of where and when they work. Organizations in a variety of sectors are seeing the value of giving employees increased flexibility by implementing bring your own device (BYOD) initiatives. Is it time for your association to join them?

According to a recent article by Contributor Matt Straz, founder and CEO of Namely, 75 percent of companies surveyed by Tech Pro in 2014 permit or plan to permit BYOD in the workplace. Essentially BYOD permits employees to use personal devices at work, ranging from smartphones to tablets to laptops and/or devices sanctioned by the organization and supported alongside devices that are business-owned.

What are the potential benefits of BYOD for your association? Straz highlighted four, two of which I’ll summarize briefly here because they are particularly relevant for associations.

  1. More freedom for employees: “The ability to access company information, files and applications from personal devices allows for greater flexibility,” Straz wrote. “Instead of being tied down to a desk or office hours, employees have the option to work from various mobile devices in various locations.”
    Fonteva For Associations is a fully mobile solution. Our association customers can access information about their members from anywhere at any time.
  2. Fewer operating expenses: “Eliminating the need for multiple devices, software and data plans can mean big savings for companies,” Straz noted. “The ability to access work-related information through personal devices and the cloud also means that companies can reduce costly operating expenses.”

We discussed the potential cost savings of moving to cloud in detail during our recent webinar, How Associations Reduce Technology Costs.

As both your members and employees come to expect even more mobility and flexibility, it may time to take inventory of your technology. Once you evaluate your options, it may be that BYOD is part of your plan for increasing productivity and cost savings while generating more ROI.

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