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3 Factors For Association Management To Consider When Determining Board Size

When it comes to association boards, is bigger better? An article on the ASAE website highlights the pros and cons of large and small association boards. Larger boards provide more guidance and experience, but smaller boards are more nimble and efficient enough to effectively deal with association management.
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Should Association Management Consider Selling Its Organization’s Data?

Due to an increasing thirst for actionable industry data, association management personnel already generating this kind of information might be able to capitalize on it. A recent article on the Association TRENDS website discusses ways to turn digital collections into cash using “public datasets, user-generated data and manual data harvesting.”
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How Can Association Management Improve Strategic Planning?

No matter what you believe — to plan or not to plan — it’s a tough process for association management and its personnel to manage strategic planning. A recent article on the Associations Now website discusses the difficulties that organizations face in strategic planning and offers suggestions on how to improve the process.
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4 Association Management Tips To Avoid Lawsuits

When it comes to the law and association management, are volunteers treated the same as employees? Are the rules that much different? A recent article on the Association Trends website explores the struggle that many nonprofits have with volunteers and what it calls “an ever-expanding array of employment statutes.”
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4 Tips To Help Association Management Better Attract Top Talent

With nonprofits facing a massive talent shortage, association management must behave more like executives at for-profit businesses when it comes to developing and retaining their employees. In an article on the Harvard Business Review website, the founder of a national nonprofit group highlights four tips to help nonprofits attract top talent.
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