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Why Must Content Be A Core Component Of Association Management?

Using content to retain membership has long been a key strategy for association management. Although creating content isn’t new, using it to strategically drive the association’s goals is, a recent article on the Associations Now website explains. The challenge is to deliver different content to different groups.
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How Does Fonteva For Associations 2013 Spring Release Enhance Association Management?

The fifth release of Fonteva’s Fonteva For Associations app makes association management easier than ever with new donor management tools and Facebook functionality. Fonteva For Associations 5.0 allows users to create automated payment schedules for gifts and pledges. Plus, they can easily invite Facebook friends from the portal, public event page and donation forms.
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How Can Association Management Executives Really Get To Know Members?

There’s no substitute for getting out in the field. An article on the Associations Now website highlights how Oren Teicher, CEO of the American Booksellers Association, volunteers at a member bookstore once a year. Participatory learning is the best way for association management executives to get to know their members.
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5 Ways Great Association Management Leadership Can Make A Big Impact

Dynamic leaders can have a huge impact on the success of an association. An article on the Associations Now website highlights this with the story of how Frank Fahrenkopf’s leadership helped to build the American Gaming Association into a force. People want to follow great leaders. That’s why association management leadership is so important.
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5 Key Provisions For Association Management Employee Contracts

Employee agreements are never the same, but all association management employment contracts should include five key provisions. An article on the ASAE website explains that every deal must: describe the position; spell out compensation; describe the supervision structure; explain the performance review process; and cover termination.
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