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6 Ways Associations Can Build An Online Community To Boost Member Retention

Associations are increasingly investing in robust online communities to better communicate with their membership. What has happened? Three things: technology advanced, the cloud allowed prices to decline and social media became popular. Associations should follow six key tips for using these tools to boost member retention.
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Should You Open Your Private Social Network To Nonmembers?

Some experts say it’s time to unlock private social networks to nonmembers, allowing them at least a taste of what your organization has to offer. According to a recent article on the Associations Now website, opening up such networks allows organizations to reach a broader audience. However, the decision to unlock will depend on each association.
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How Can Associations Use A Public Or Private Social Network To Lobby?

By leveraging a public or private social network, associations can influence local, state or federal lawmakers with the click of a button. According to a recent article on the Association Trends website, organizations can use apps and social media to influence members of Congress to their advantage. Just be sure to have a message worth spreading.
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Why Should Association Leaders Engage More In Private Social Networks?

CEOs are jumping on the social bandwagon, joining private social networks, appearing in YouTube videos and participating in the online global discussion. A new study discussed in a recent article on the Associations Now website shows that twice as many CEOs at major corporations are active on social channels than in 2010.
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What’s The Secret To Using Social Channels For Online Fundraising?

Leveraging social channels for online fundraising efforts for blasting your message across the Internet is a waste of resources. You should also use these channels for listening to your members and potential members. An article on GuideStar Blog highlights five of the most popular social sites that associations should sign up for.
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