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How To Squeeze Social Media Into Your Association Management Strategy

Executives must hammer out an overall association management strategy for social media to determine the best channels for communicating their message. A lengthy article on discusses why this strategy should include “more listening and less marketing.” Remember, as the article explains, “it’s not a megaphone; it’s a telephone.”
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How Can Association Management Policies Help Organizations Steer Clear Of Social Media Controversies?

Associations have to walk a fine line between reaping the benefits of social media while at the same time protecting the organization from liability, an article on the Associations Now website explains. Association management policies must be in place so that organizations can take action when employees or members violate social media guidelines.
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How Can A Good Association Management Strategy Leverage Social Media?

What’s crossing the line and what isn’t when it comes to sharing information? That can be tough to nail down in the age of social media. It’s why a good association management strategy needs to be in place for leveraging social media, especially when it comes to sensitive information, according to an article on the Associations Now website.
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What’s The Best Association Management Strategy To Attract Generation Y?

With the median age of association members on the rise, it’s vital that organizations find ways to attract the next generation, an article on the Big Ideas Blog explains. An association management strategy that leverages technology is the key to reaching out to Generation Y. You’re not going to attract the next generation with an old clunky system.
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