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How Can Organizations Use Association Management Software To Improve Online Events?

A recent article on the Associations Now website highlights the importance of online events. If associations are to succeed, they must capture and monitor registration, attendance and revenue from every online event. In addition, their association management software must be able to track and report on the data gathered.
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Why Association Management Must Improve Events And Conferences

Associations that continue to hold conferences and events — especially in the next few years — must be spectacular at doing so. The gatherings must be flawless, productive and perfectly orchestrated. Association management can better manage their events and conferences by polling members and attending conferences outside of the industry.
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7 Ways To Enhance Collaboration With Better Conference Planning

For decades, conference planning has had the same formula: There’s a big auditorium for the keynote speech, a luncheon area, the exhibit floor and areas for breakout sessions. And that’s about it. Jeff Hurt, a conferences expert, recently posted on his namesake blog about different kinds of spaces to foster various communication at a conference.
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How Can Better Event Planning Enhance Sponsorships?

When it comes to event planning, sponsorships can make all the difference. Vendors are demanding more engaging sponsorships and associations must get creative to give them what they want. Jeff Hurt, a meetings and conferences expert, recently posted on his namesake blog about the different types of conference sponsorships associations can offer.
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5 Tips To Pump Up Your Conference Planning With Engaging Speeches

One problem with conference planning is that people spend most of their time listening, rather than engaging in active learning. Listening just is not as effective as writing, talking and practicing what they’ve learned. Jeff Hurt, a meetings expert, recently posted on his namesake blog about this and explains how to increase audience engagement.
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