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4 Essential Elements To Successful Event Planning

The key to tradeshow success is being flexible in how you structure the event. An article on the Associations Now website shares results from a report that shows event planning will be less controlled in the future. Stakeholders and attendees will have more ownership over exhibits and trade shows, operating as co-creators.
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The 5 Key Tips To Successful Conference Planning

Great conferences happen due to great conference planning, not by chance. Logistics should be professional, presentations should be memorable and organizers should be flexible, an article on the Squidoo website explains. Be creative and solicit as much feedback as possible on speaker topics and stakeholder input.
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5 Conference Planning Tips To Make A Splash At Trade Shows

Conference planning is the key to making the most out of trade shows. An article on explains why you must go to such shows with high-level goals. Trade shows can be expensive, so make a realistic plan of your return on investment. Stay focused on your company’s mission while networking, seeking innovation and leaving your mark.
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Top 5 Conference Planning Trends For 2013

An article on the Association Trends website highlights the top five conference planning trends of 2013, which focus on participation, technology and social media. Planners must structure conferences so that participants aren’t sitting around bored to death for hours. Sponsors and participants want to be engaged.
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Why Does Event Planning Rank Among The Best Business Jobs?

An article on the Associations Now website notes that event planning is among the best business jobs in a recent U.S. News & World Report list. For sure, it’s both a really exciting and intimidating time to be a meeting planner. It might be an old-school job, but the days of the old-school meeting planner are over.
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