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How Can You Use Association Management Software To Get More Personal With Donors?

If they are to succeed financially, fundraising-based organizations need to get personal with donors, and association management software can help them do that. According to a post on the GuideStar Blog, associations can also personalize their communications, and association management software is able to help optimize this process.
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How Often Should Associations Send Emails For Online Fundraising?

How often should associations email their audience for online fundraising? Once a week? Once a day? What’s the line between not enough and crazy overkill? According to one marketing expert, these are complicated questions with no easy answers. Guide Star Blog recently published an article that offers suggestions about this topic.
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Why Is Transparency The Key To Successful Traditional And Online Fundraising?

If associations want to be successful at traditional or online fundraising, they must be open, honest and clear about how the money is spent. A post on the GuideStar Blog discusses the complicated relationship that people often have with fundraising efforts. The key is for associations to make their finances available for everyone to clearly see.
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Why Is Fundraising Software Too Powerful To Ignore?

Nonprofit organizations need to be increasingly savvy about fundraising software. A recent article on the GuideStar Blog discusses technological tools and why they’re so important. In essence, the blog says, donations dipped in 2012 and the largest givers are more likely to invest in organizations that are growing.
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How Can Association Management Software Help Track Online Fundraising Efforts?

Proper online fundraising tools are important, even without any emergency. If someone gave money to your association a year ago, for example, how do you nurture that donor to donate again? How do you keep the donor in the fold? With the proper association management software, several metrics can help improve donor relations and obtain new donors.
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