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Why Association Management Shouldn’t Leave Membership Pricing To ‘Gut Feelings’

Membership fees are often a critical component of most association revenue. Determining pricing is much too important to be left to the “gut feelings” of the association management. An article on the Associations Now website discusses how organizations can determine a sustainable fee to ensure profitability without scaring away potential members.
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How Can Association Management Discover And Deliver What Members Want?

A recent post on the Greenfield Services Membership Engagement Blog discusses membership benefits and how to keep members fully engaged. If association management personnel don’t discover what members are actually interested in, the post says, members will shy away from content, skip out on events and the organization will lose money.
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How Can Association Management Ensure ‘Mailbox Members’ Are Valued?

Association management personnel use the term “mailbox member” to describe a variety of people, an article on the Associations Now website explains. It’s important to remember that mailbox members may not be very active but they are looking at the content, which is valuable to them. Do not minimize them; every member matters.
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Why Is Technology Critical To Boosting Member Retention Efforts?

Despite economic troubles that have been rippling through the global economy for the past several years, a recent report on the Association TRENDS website shows that membership growth at associations is on the rebound, whereas member retention efforts are still struggling. Associations can use technology to pinpoint which segments aren’t renewing.
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Why Should Associations Use Surveys To Improve Member Retention?

Conducting powerful surveys can improve member retention and recruitment. According to a recent article on The Membership Engagement Blog by Greenfield Services, asking the right questions at the right time is an effective tool that can turn your member database “into your best source of strategic intelligence.”
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