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How Can Associations Boost Member Retention And Recruitment With Mentorship?

Associations should consider asking their most loyal members to serve as ambassadors and pair them with new members. This will boost member retention. A post on the Association Subculture blog discusses why every member needs a “champion” so that the association is beneficial to more than just a few people who “figure out how the system works.”
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Want To Improve Member Retention? Look To Your Employees!

Finding ways to improve member retention, online fundraising or any other association task can come from within your own organization. Some of the best ideas for streamlining, finding efficiencies or making major overhauls can be the fruitage of your employees. A post on the GuideStar Blog discusses how to solicit ideas from employees.
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Should Association Management Offer A La Carte Benefits?

According to an article on the Associations Now website, organizations should run differently from cable companies. “This racket [of cable companies only offering high-priced bundles] has gone on long enough,” a senior editor says. If association management offers an expensive membership fee for all-or-nothing benefits, it may turn people away.
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Why Is Association Management Software Key To Boosting Membership Growth?

Managing your data so your organization can grow isn’t easy. However, there are association management software tools that can help. An article on The Membership Engagement Blog offers others ways to go about increasing membership numbers. In addition to having the right technology, associations need a smart strategy and powerful message.
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Top 4 Association Management Spring Cleaning Ideas

Spring is a great time for association management personnel to align and narrow benefits so they focus on the areas that drive the most value. Using advice from industry experts, Associations Now recently published an article on its website about four ways to refresh membership tactics, including beefing up your invoices and organizing your data.
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