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3 Ways To Measure Member Retention

Understanding and predicting the health of an association is about the ability to measure your own member retention efforts. You must track patterns. In a recent post, Alex Hillman, an Internet leadership expert based in Philadelphia, provides a great “how to” formula for measuring member retention. He calls it “fixing the leaky bucket.”
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4 Tips To Boost Member Retention By Creating Value

How do associations increase member retention and know what’s valuable to their members without wasting time and money? Get out and talk to members about what they value. Organizations must understand that their position and value is defined by the consumer. A post on the Greenfield Services Inc. blog offers tips to create more value.
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How Can Limiting Membership Growth Improve Member Retention?

Do you have the strength to just say no to membership growth? Joe Rominiecki, a senior editor at Associations Now, recently posted on his company’s blog about how restraining membership growth to focus more on core services could improve member retention. The bottom line for associations is that it’s not just about how many members you have.
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Free Or Fee: What’s Better For Long-Term Member Retention?

Joe Rominiecki, senior editor at Associations Now, recently blogged on his company’s website about the “free or fee” question. On the one hand, Rominiecki says embracing freeloaders often is the key to member retention. On the other hand, he notes, telling freeloaders it’s time to pay up and “stop their mooching” may be the only way to go.
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How Can Association Management Determine The True Cost Of Member Benefits?

The key to remaining financially viable — despite a possible shrinkage of the roll — is to have a complete understanding of the true costs of the benefits delivered to members. Successful financial association management is only possible by making data-driven decisions about the benefits you choose to offer.
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