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How Can Associations Improve Member Retention?

Most associations don’t realize that it costs more to recruit new members than to invest in member retention. Make new friends, yes, but keep the old. A recent article on The Membership Engagement Blog by Greenfield Services discusses how an overzealous approach to member recruitment can cause all kinds of problems in addition to the expense.
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7 Ways For Associations To Boost Online Fundraising

Online fundraising is simple but far from easy. Yet studies show that improving donor retention by 10 percent can double the lifetime value of donor databases. That’s according to Farra Trompeter, who recently shared her thoughts about the art of online fundraising on the GuideStar Blog, offering several tips for improving donor retention.
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Why Is Real-Time Data Key To Member Retention?

For associations to succeed in the long term, they must find, process and use real-time data to improve and optimize their organization. Rather than guessing about ways to boost engagement, member retention and online fundraising efforts, associations must delve into the numbers and take appropriate action from the data.
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Why Association Management Should Offer Member Benefits A La Carte

Associations should consider offering benefits to members a la carte rather than making them pay for services they don’t want. Great association management is all about giving members exactly what they need without overcharging. According to an article on the Associations Now website, maximizing engagement with benefits is vital.
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5 Association Management Tips To Retain Members

With first-year members as the most at-risk to leave organizations, association management must establish an engagement strategy to get new people acclimated, an article on the Membership Marketing Blog notes. One way to build and improve an engagement strategy is to use association management software, which can track membership engagement.
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