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Why Must Association Management Offer Members Mobile Access To Sites And Portals?

For association management, members and potential members, the ability to access actionable information when they need it and where they need it is critical to increase engagement and better manage the organization. In addition to powerful software, this effort requires one thing: mobile access to association sites and portals.
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Check Out Our Presentation: ‘Learn How Next Generation AMS Can Improve Your Member Retention’

If you missed the “Learn How Next Generation AMS Can Improve Your Member Retention” webinar, you’re in luck because we have the deck for you. In the presentation, Fonteva President Paul Lundy and Pat Barron, of the Partner Program, show you how to use Association Management Software to grow and retain your membership.
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Why Must Association Management Software Have Great CRM Capabilities?

If they are to be successful, organizations must have association management software to develop more meaningful relationships with members. An article on the IT World website discusses highlights from newly released Gartner data that shows companies plan to spend more on CRM software than any other enterprise application this year and next year.
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Why Must Organizations Embrace New Association Management Software?

Organizations must embrace and master new association management software systems or they will not survive. Clinging to old technology won’t cut it. Jeff Hurt, a meetings and conferences expert at Velvet Chainsaw Consulting, recently posted on his company’s Midcourse Corrections blog about why leaders can’t afford to ignore new technology.
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Why Must Board Members Use Association Management Software?

If associations are to be successful, board members must ditch those three-ring binders and use remarkable association management software. Jeff De Cagna shares his thoughts about this issue in an article on the Associations Now website. He says boards need to use technology to “build their capabilities for energetic business model stewardship.”
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