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5 Tips To Improve Membership Websites And Private Social Networks

Most associations don’t have cash that big companies do to invest in their website. But membership websites and private social networks can still be great without spending millions or investing thousands of hours of work, according to an article on the Associations Now website. Just be sure to remember mobile and write for actual people.
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How Can You Ensure Your Membership Websites Exist In The ‘True’ Cloud?

As more organizations move their membership websites to the cloud, it’s important that they understand what cloud computing is and aren’t taken advantage of by “cloud washers.” A recent article on The Wall Street Journal website discusses cloud computing and the top three competitors in the field: Amazon, Google and Microsoft.
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How Are Private Social Networks The Key To Navigating Disruptive Forces?

Private social networks and other online technology expertise are the key to surviving disruptive forces that are reshaping associations. That’s according to Jeff Hurt, a meetings and conferences expert, who recently posted on his namesake blog about how associations need to have the technology know-how to traverse these bumpy waters.
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5 Ways Association Membership Website Portals Offer Great ROI

Membership website portals offer a great return on investment. A portal often pays for itself 10 times over and the cost per member for such portals is low. Forrester Research says communities benefit from new leads, an increase in conversion rates, deflection of support calls, better products from new ideas and increased customer satisfaction.
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Why Every Membership Website Must Be Optimized For Mobile Devices

If they are to be successful in the 21st century, it is absolutely critical that associations have a membership website and membership portal that are both optimized for mobile devices. A recent article on the Associations Now website correctly points out that organizations need a mobile app and/or a site with responsive design.
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