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How Can Online Membership Software Save Associations Money?

When it comes to cloud computing, there’s a lot of confusion about pricing. But one thing’s for sure: online membership software is cheaper in the short and long term. recently published an article about the “unsolved mysteries of the cloud.” In it, the author answers common questions concerning the dollars and cents of the technology.
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3 Steps To Prepare Your Membership Website For Online Voting

For associations, using a membership website for online voting can be a great way to quickly engage members and get feedback. A recent article on the Associations Now website highlights advice on how to prepare for online voting. The three keys are to check state statutes, identify member demographics and establish a secure voting process.
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3 Ways To Drive More Traffic To Association Membership Websites

For most associations, driving more traffic to membership websites ranks high on their list of New Year’s rePlatform Solutions. Most sites in the industry lack well-organized content. An article on the Big Ideas Blog explains that the key to increasing association content views is to provide concise, interesting and relevant information.
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