Clever Ways to Use Social Media to Ensure the Right People Know You’ll be Attending an Event

What are the must-attend events in your industry?

You know, the ones where you’re committed to making an appearance because it’s the right thing to do for your profile, your positioning, and your organisation.

Whether you’re exhibiting, speaking, or sitting in the audience, events are a good way make new contacts, build your network, and find new customers.

So once you’ve got your ticket (or secured your speaking or exhibiting spot), make the most of your attendance by using it as a marketing angle — before, during, and after the event.

This needn’t require a lot of extra work. In fact, if you keep reading you’ll discover a series of simple social media strategies that can start conversations, raise your profile, and increase your return from the next event you attend.

Let me show you how…

What to do on social media before you attend the event


1. Figure out your strategy

First up, get clear on your reasons for attending. Do you want to:Fotolia 57928469 XS

This important first step helps ensure your social media marketing delivers the results you want.

2. Research the event

Make sure you stay on top of what the organiser is saying in the lead up to the event by following their social media accounts. To do this, you need to collect the following event information:

3. Research the speakers

Fotolia 51237043 XSWhether you’re prioritising which sessions to attend or figuring out which speakers to connect with, time spent collecting their information will pay off.

You’ll need to know the:

Once collected, it will be easy to mention speakers in your social media marketing. In turn, you could increase your reach and even initiate conversations with the speakers.

4. Tell people you’re attending

Use your social platforms to announce your attendance. Here are some tips to enhance your results from this:

ONE-MONTH countdown…




ONE-WEEK countdown…

Twitter:fotolia 43099017

Post these tweets twice a day — once in the morning and again in the afternoon.  Be conscious of where in the world said influencer is — time zones matter!


Before publishing, remember to test how your post will look when people share it via Buffer and HootSuite. You want to be sure the header and image are picked up correctly.

Facebook: Same as your LinkedIn strategy, but include a Bitly link for the session(s).

ONE-DAY countdown…


5. Reach out to contacts connected with people you want to meet

If someone you know is connected to someone who you want to meet, use the event to ask for an introduction (and arrange a face-to-face meet up).

6. Keep your eyes on the pre-event chatter

If there’s an event hashtag you can search for it across the social media platforms. This is an easy way to stay on top of the pre-event conversations and identify who else is attending.

If you identify other attendees that you want to connect with, the event gives you an opener, which you both have in common. You can use it to start a conversation and even arrange a face-to-face meet up on the day.

What to do on social media during an event


1. Get social!Fotolia 92145210 XS

If there’s a Twitter wall, then you want to own it – subtly. Here’s how…

Remember to tag any key individuals and include relevant hashtags to boost your visibility.

What to do on social media after you’ve attended an event


Once the event is over, make sure you capitalise on your attendance by taking to social media in the days that follow. Here are some simple actions you can take to achieve this:

1. Use social media to talk about your key takeaways

Event day +1

Event day +5

Event day +30

Event day +35

2. Use social media to follow up connections and continue conversations

Make sure you capitalise on any conversations and new contacts from the event by taking to social media:

As you can see, with a little bit of preparation, you can use social media to maximise the value you get from attending an event. Whether you’re exhibiting, speaking, or simply attending, make the most of your presence by taking to social to start conversations, boost your profile, build your network, and make more sales.

The tips in this blog are a good start. Use them the next time you attend an event and see if your return on investment doesn’t increase.