Don’t Lose Track of Great Ideas

How many great ideas have you, members, or staff put forward that never went anywhere? You might not even be able to remember many of them. Unfortunately, during the constant hustle and bustle at most organizations, great ideas get lost in a kind of no man’s land, never to be heard of again.

Don’t let this be the case at your association. If you don’t already have one, you might consider establishing a standard process for tracking and vetting those great ideas that may come to your association from a variety of sources.

Recently, Fast Company writer Vivian Giang talked with leaders in a number of fields about how they keep track of their best ideas. Here’s a brief summary of some their strategies that might work for your association:

At a time when organizations are being challenged to innovate more often and more quickly, your association doesn’t want to lose sight of those great ideas that may come up in passing and be forgotten if you don’t develop a process for tracking and ultimately acting on them.