Get Out of the Weeds

If these statements sound like you, you’ve likely entered what author Jesse Sostrin calls the danger zone, which he says is the place at which “shrinking resources and increasing demands stress our capacity to the breaking point.” It is also at this point that leaders find themselves pushed out into the weeds, an overwhelmed place where according to Sostrin, “it’s easy to get into reactionary mode where priorities get blurred by the fatigue of doing more with less.”

In a recent post for Leading Blog, Sostrin asserts, “The bottom line is that you can't lead if you’re lost.” So how do leaders get out of the weeds and return to the performance zone where they take a balanced approach to meeting demands and manage well again the challenges of the day?

Sostrin offers these recommendations for getting back on track:

In the same way that weeds negatively impact the growth of a flower garden, they can prevent the growth of your leadership skills. So if you can, avoid getting the in the weeds at all.