Let Me Google That for You

One question I like to ask when I interview job candidates is as follows:

“If I were to present you with a task you’ve never done before, and you weren’t sure how to begin, what would you do first?”

Now, over the years, I’ve heard some pretty creative answers. But the answer I am looking for is far from clever. I want to know that, rather than panicking, or relying on a co-worker, that they would turn to the internet for a solution. The answer is, “I’d Google it.”

The internet is like a warehouse full of questions, asked and answered. If we didn’t use the knowledge of our predecessors as a baseline, we’d be hard-pressed to find innovative Platform Solutions to our problems.

The internet has completely changed the way we interact with organizations and each other. Shopping, researching, networking—all activities that once needed to involve human interaction are now being performed with any available connected device.

Your members expect to engage with your organization in the same way they do everything else online—with one-click purchasing, easily accessible self-service features, and an abundance of resources at their fingertips.

While your association is evolving to meet changing member expectations, what is your software doing to help?

This video will give you a quick tour of Fonteva For Associations, association software that will help your organization keep up with your members and remain relevant.