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Let Us Count the Ways to Repurpose Content

Let Us Count the Ways to Repurpose Content

Creating and maintaining relevant, useful content for their members is one of the most important day-to-day functions of associations. Their members rely on them as a trusted source of information that they use to stay informed and ultimately do their jobs better. Of course some content is more “popular” than others.

When members respond positively to a magazine article or blog post, have you ever thought to yourself, “I wish there was a way that we could extend the life of this content”? Extending the life of content is an important consideration that requires as much planning and strategizing as the creation of the content itself, especially since your audience’s expectations have only grown in terms of the variety of formats in which they expect to access content.

An infographic from Express Writers highlighting this topic of repurposing content was recently featured in a MarketingProfs post by Verónica Maria Jarski. It offers some great suggestions about repurposing content that are very applicable to associations. Here’s a quick overview of at least six ways that you can repurpose your association’s content:

  1. Make a presentation. For example, turn a blog post into a presentation on slideshare.
  2. Turn old blog posts into guides. Combine multiple blogs that you’ve written on the same topic and create an easy-to-use reference tool.
  3. Use your evergreen content. Doing so "gives you more topics to work with and helps you create something that will still be worthwhile in the future."
  4. Create an infographic from written content. If you have a favorite blog post that you want more people to read, consider breaking it down into a few points that can be expressed graphically.
  5. Host a podcast based on a blog post. Look at which topics are most popular and develop a podcast that discusses them more in depth.
  6. Turn your content into powerful videos. You can bring an interview from a magazine article to life by creating a video featuring the source.

The number of ways that your members expect to experience your content is not likely to decrease, so count the ways you can repurpose your best offerings to satisfy them and help staff work effectively.

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