Mastering Social Media: 4 Rules for Leaders

Most of us have multiple identities online. For example, I’ve met association professionals who have both professional and personal social media profiles.

As a leader in your organization, you need to have a handle on your accounts. It’s incumbent upon you to set an example for staff members in terms of how social media can be used to leverage the association’s brand and possibly your own as well.

According to Emma Fitzpatrick’s article for Multibriefs, you need to follow four basic rules regardless of network. Here’s a quick summary of her points:

  1. Unify profiles. When was the last time you analyzed your brand’s bio and page? We can get so caught up in the everyday posting that we forget to look at the big picture—our social profiles. Make a spreadsheet, compile all of your business’ social profiles and get ready to do a quick check-in. Schedule another quarterly check-in three months from now as well.
  2. Define brand presence in three simple words. The easiest way to ensure your social presence is consistent is to stick to your brand words. What three words define your brand? By revisiting, redefining and reiterating these branding words with you and your staff, you unite your team and make your mission clear.
  3. Follow the golden ratio of content. Social is not about selling. It’s about forming long-term relationships with consumers and gaining their trust. Your social content and posts needs to reflect this long-term goal. That’s where the golden ratio of social content comes in: 30 percent of your content should be from your brand, 60 percent should be curated, and 10 percent should be promotional. With this ratio in mind, plan a social editorial calendar.
  4. Lead with images. Tell your story and share your message using pictures and videos. People crave, prefer and understand visual content better. Visual content also performs significantly better across every social platform out there.

Follow these rules and you’ll soon be a master of your media.