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Not All Apps on Salesforce Are Alike

Not All Apps on Salesforce Are Alike

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Many associations who are looking for new association software have already decided that they are going to move to the cloud. Many, in fact, have decided to go with Salesforce as their CRM. But when it comes to selecting Association Management Software, their discerning process seems to end. In more than one vendor selection meeting, I have heard, “Well they’re both on Salesforce, so how can we go wrong?”

But you can go wrong!

That sentiment makes me cringe, because there are some huge differences in each of the Salesforce Platform Solutions on the market for associations. One big difference I see is the data model used in the solution architecture.

Salesforce was designed so that when you enter a contact (individual) into the database, you assign it to a corresponding account (company). In the business to business world (B2B) that works great, because while you are talking to a person, it’s the company who cashes the checks.

For associations, these relationships aren’t so simple. Associations deal with incredibly complex relationships with their constituents. This is the main reason associations need additional software on top of their CRM functionality. How else would you manage members, prospects, volunteers, donors, chapter members, etc.? So can you still use Salesforce as your CRM if you don’t want to track the company a contact works for? The answer is yes.

“How” is what differentiates Fonteva For Associations from the other membership software built on Salesforce.

For more information on the data model options available in Fonteva For Associations, download our eBook, “Managing Individuals in Salesforce— What you need to consider before implementing person accounts.”

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