Personalize Engagement Tracking—Your Members Are More than Transactions

“Engagement is personal—only measuring transactions won’t give you a complete picture of a member’s commitment to your organization.”

—The Evolution of Member Engagement

This week, Wes Trochlil of Effective Database Management, wrote a blog entitled “Interactions, not just transactions.” He must have been reading my mind. Your AMS is a great place to track purchases your members make, but it is important not to overlook interactions as well. There are a number of valuable activities members perform that allow them to engage with your organization. Identifying and tracking those activities can help you to predict future engagement, and even nurture unengaged members.

Your constituents can give:

In this month’s eBook, The Evolution of Member Engagement, we wrote about how you can track the ways your members choose to engage with your organization. And then how to use that information to create a custom plan to nurture engagement, in a path they’re most likely to follow.

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